Majikoi S Route Chart

Click on the chart for the full-size version.

MajikoiS small


14 thoughts on “Majikoi S Route Chart

  1. Can we look forward to Maji Koi S walkthrough similar to the main game walkthrough here ?

    It is amazingly etailed and i dont wat to miss any piece of that amazing game !

    • Hmm, since the route system in Majikoi S makes the game easier I wasn’t really planning to do a complete walkthrough (and there is also too much that isn’t translated).
      I might do one during summer holiday.

      • This is great. It will definitely help for when I start playing Majikoi S (currently playing the first Majikoi using your walkthrough). A detailed walkthrough of Majikoi S would be great since the first one is really detailed and great. Only if you find yourself with the time and patience to, of course.

  2. Ok I got one question ? what does choosing your birth day when first running the game ?
    I have compleated half of the routes allready and havent seen anything relating to this.
    Well I picked the date in january – so no in game events last untill winter, thats why I havent seen anything i guess.
    Or maybe it reads your system date and some option is in the menu if it is your birthday in real life ?
    If it is like that it sux – who keeps playing a Vn for a full year ?

  3. can someone tell me how do i go into margits route?..i choose future without relationship but i keep ending up with miyako

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